About Us

Mission Statement

Agate is engaged in manufacturing

pre-engineered metal buildings,

steel fabrication, steel sales, general 

engineerinand general building construction. The corporation will maintain consistent growth and 

profitability by providing safe and effectively managed construction services and products. We are dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers, development of our employees and a

fair return for our stockholders.

Founded in 1973 by President and CEO Jim Uhl, Agate provides general building and general engineering projects to meet the needs of a wide variety of clients. Additionally Agate fabricates structural steel, manufactures pre-engineered metal buildings and flight line canopies and operates

an 8-acre Steel Service Center. 

Jim graduated from Northern Arizona University in 1965, enlisted in the Marines and served in Vietnam before founding Agate as a unique company specializing in construction driven by steel. Certainty of Outcome is achieved by self-performing the key elements of steel and concrete construction, from concept to completion.

Our strength is the range of our experience and expertise as a general building and general engineering contractor, as well our SDVOSB certification and GSA contract. But what sets us apart is our synergistic approach to the construction process. From design and engineering to site development, concrete, steel fabrication and erection, to complete interior build-out we ensure Certainty of Successful Outcome.

Vision Statement